today from Rabanal to Molinaseca the Fitbit total stepped over the million mark. And it was a cow of a day.

the up part was ok but the long steep down for most of the day over loose rubble was hard going, I went to bed around 4 pm today stuffed. Now up at 10pm to catch up on the posts.

The highlight of the day La Cruz de Ferro at 1,505m the highest point of the whole trail. It’s where pilgrim place a stone or other memorabilia to remember what is important and some to mourn the loss of something or somebody that was personal. When I was there at least two people who hugged the pole and shed tears.

My pebbles from home have joined the pile.

La Cruz de Ferro image

Rabanal a welcome rest spot

Only a short walk today to Rabanal with a bed in the albergue run by the Gaucelmo society by 12:30. It’s the converted parish priests house and gardens built around 200 years ago. Are really special place to stay and rest for the day in the gardens and small village that survives on the pilgrims passing through. An extra photo today.

image image image

Two thirds down and enough photos of empty roads

made it to Leon early in the day and played tourist (more walking) walking around the old town of this ancient city.

i will only post trail pictures if they are good enough but post the best picture of the day. It may just be a door that have taken to taking snapshots of as I pass by.

Its hard to get far enough back to get a photo of the cathedral

Leon Catherdral Leon old roman wall El Cid garden

A long road

The roman road was a mentally tough day that took some work. You had to concentrate on where your feet were going to go as parts has worn away leaving gaps so difficult to get a smooth stride working. Then the hardness of of the round rocks with the long 18km stretch with no facilities was done with no breaks . But wait there is more we had a head wind that got stronger during the day to where the last 3km was all cross wind gusting up to 80 or so.

I was focused on the walk and completely forgot a picture would have been worth more. The photo does show some of the round rocks and you can get a better idea of the photo of the wall, just turn it so it looks like a road.

The albergue was fairly ordinary last night with the usual snorers, window monitors and early risers to keep the politics of these places bubbling along.

On to Leon and a decision point.image

What have the Romans…… Part two

taking an alternate route today to end up in Calzadilla de Los Hermanillos part of the old Calzada Romana that linked  parts of the empire. Only short note today one photo from the start and one from the track just before ending for the day. Tomorrow will be a challenge following the old road to end up back on the trail.

Leaving Terradillos de Los TemplariosNear Calzadilla de Los Hermanillos

Half way 400+ done

Another challenging day with the longest single stretch of 17km between villages on the whole walk. Usually there is a village/town every 10km or so. It was long and straight so the cafe con leche at 17km was especially welcoming. Stopped for the night at Terradillos de Templarios ready for bed at 4:00pm.

we had a little group of 5 travelling together now down to the Canadian and me as we packed off the Aussie girl last night back home as she had sun stroke and multiple feet problems that got the better of her.  The other two  decided to pair off and go alone,  such is the way of the trail.

i am behind schedule to make Santiago by the 26th so will need to do few longer stages.

Monastery St Zilos image

Same day different walks

Still limping so did the short 20km walk from Fromista to Carrión de Los Condes. The alternate walk takes you by the rio Ucieza where you walk through stands of trees with plenty of shade and listen to the many birds and frogs making their sounds. If you stop for a while they get much louder. Lunch was at Villalcaźar de Sirga leaving the short 5km into Carrión but via the pathway designed (Sendo) by public servants, utilitarian by the road, shadeless and soulless and hard on your feet.


Road leaving Fromista to Villacazar de Sirga

Road to Carrión de Los Condos

Road to Carrión de Los Condos


Paying the price for not taking notice

image imagefelt good walking yesterday but ignored the hot spots on my heel and back to limping along. Just did the 15km in to Fromista and booked into a hotel for a splurge. The hotel is next to the San Martin church that has been there since 1066.

Walkiing was mostly along the canal and if I spoke better Spanish I could probably tell you more about it😀

Meseta day 2

made the decision to crack on and do 31km across the Meseta and head towards Itero de la Vega, which always comes at a cost. The scenery is stunning and pictures can’t capture the space and isolation of this area when you do the crossing. One tough climb that got the heart pumping but enjoyed the walking today versus yesterday that was definitely tougher going.

The price to pay was a few more blisters that need to be dealt with but that’s tomorrow’s problems.

image image