100 to go (not quite!)

Was aiming to finish at the100km to mark today but found a remote private albergue 3km from the marker. It has just 12 beds in an old water mill site converted into an artists home where she provides rooms. It is such a peaceful spot far from a village that I needed an afternoon in the sun.

Great walking today coming further down the mountains through country lanes between oak and pine forests mixed with the dairy farms and the occasional walking in muck. I thought it would be cold this morning so layered up but by 6:45 labouring up another hill in the mist was sweating buckets.

didnt spend any time is Sarria just passed through but this is where a lot of spainish pilgrims start their walk so it will getting busier from this point onwards.

Not sure where I will end tomorrow maybe in another remote spot.

Leaving Triacastela out to SarriaAlbergue at Molino de Marzán

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