At the top of the mountain

The road up into the mountains starts slow and easy through some very pretty countryside completely different from any thing from the earlier days (such distant memories). Mostly small. Picturesque Villages and plenty of trees but walking 20 or so on rural roads. Then the last part of 10km heads up into the steep part of the day. You get a great cardio workout.
I am more comfortable going up than down with my walking. This time I did take a picture of the rough road going up.
You worked up a sweat but if the wind came down the valley you froze.
The excitement of the day was trying to get out of the way of 8 or so horse galloping down the road on their way home on the steep part.
Decided to stay in a small village just short of the top of the mountain Laguna de Castilla for the night. It’s too bloody cold when the wind is up so the morning will be challenging with the final 2km to get to the top.image imageimage

2 thoughts on “At the top of the mountain

  1. Beautiful countryside Steve. Horses! I am beginning to see that the romance of this walk is not the reality. Doing great though with <200 to go. Did you catch the guy carrying the dog? Take care Sally xxxx

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