today from Rabanal to Molinaseca the Fitbit total stepped over the million mark. And it was a cow of a day.

the up part was ok but the long steep down for most of the day over loose rubble was hard going, I went to bed around 4 pm today stuffed. Now up at 10pm to catch up on the posts.

The highlight of the day La Cruz de Ferro at 1,505m the highest point of the whole trail. It’s where pilgrim place a stone or other memorabilia to remember what is important and some to mourn the loss of something or somebody that was personal. When I was there at least two people who hugged the pole and shed tears.

My pebbles from home have joined the pile.

La Cruz de Ferro image

3 thoughts on “1,016,223

  1. Need more pics of you!!!!! Great to see where our pebbles lay, maybe Artie will take
    after his papa and walk the trail one day and leave more pebbles from us. On on take care Lois xo

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