A long road

The roman road was a mentally tough day that took some work. You had to concentrate on where your feet were going to go as parts has worn away leaving gaps so difficult to get a smooth stride working. Then the hardness of of the round rocks with the long 18km stretch with no facilities was done with no breaks . But wait there is more we had a head wind that got stronger during the day to where the last 3km was all cross wind gusting up to 80 or so.

I was focused on the walk and completely forgot a picture would have been worth more. The photo does show some of the round rocks and you can get a better idea of the photo of the wall, just turn it so it looks like a road.

The albergue was fairly ordinary last night with the usual snorers, window monitors and early risers to keep the politics of these places bubbling along.

On to Leon and a decision point.image

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