What have the Romans…… Part two

taking an alternate route today to end up in Calzadilla de Los Hermanillos part of the old Calzada Romana that linked  parts of the empire. Only short note today one photo from the start and one from the track just before ending for the day. Tomorrow will be a challenge following the old road to end up back on the trail.

Leaving Terradillos de Los TemplariosNear Calzadilla de Los Hermanillos

5 thoughts on “What have the Romans…… Part two

  1. Yep, keep going, enjoy the views, and remember the alternative is to be at work. Take in the skies and what’s around you! Enjoying the updates and photos.
    Rgds, MB

  2. Keep going, you will soon be over the hump and before you know it on the home stretch. Well done, I lot of thinking time!!!

  3. Well done for half way. The old road sound torturous! Don,t know how the roman soldiers endured days, weeks, months of marching. Take care of those poor feet. Love Sally xxxxx

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