Half way 400+ done

Another challenging day with the longest single stretch of 17km between villages on the whole walk. Usually there is a village/town every 10km or so. It was long and straight so the cafe con leche at 17km was especially welcoming. Stopped for the night at Terradillos de Templarios ready for bed at 4:00pm.

we had a little group of 5 travelling together now down to the Canadian and me as we packed off the Aussie girl last night back home as she had sun stroke and multiple feet problems that got the better of her.  The other two  decided to pair off and go alone,  such is the way of the trail.

i am behind schedule to make Santiago by the 26th so will need to do few longer stages.

Monastery St Zilos image

One thought on “Half way 400+ done

  1. Hi Steve just caught up with your travels. Sounds fascinating and challenging – look after those feet!! Duncan

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