Paying the price for not taking notice

image imagefelt good walking yesterday but ignored the hot spots on my heel and back to limping along. Just did the 15km in to Fromista and booked into a hotel for a splurge. The hotel is next to the San Martin church that has been there since 1066.

Walkiing was mostly along the canal and if I spoke better Spanish I could probably tell you more about it😀

2 thoughts on “Paying the price for not taking notice

  1. Enjoy the hotel and have a super rest. I’m still bailed up at home but my back is healing very well. Just founf out I can’t get physio as an out patient because the public health system is terrible. But I saw the GP and he is very pleased with how im healing up.

    Have a nice bath if you can.

  2. Some parts look really isolated as you are walking. Must be interesting looking at the old buildings that date back so long ago. Hotel splurge well deserved! Take care of those feet! Love Sally xx

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