Kindness from a fleeting moment

the road into Burgos was a bugger most of the day was through industrial city streets and not enjoyable again all. I had hit the wall about 3km from the nights albergue and pretty much thought this was A stupid idea to be on the walk. I was standing at traffic lights waiting for them to change when a local man walking by just put his hand on my arm said some words, smiled and kept walking. It made my day.

stayed at the albergue about 3 min walk from the catherderal so caught up with the mob and had the pilgrims lunch in the square in front of the church. Did the catherderal tour but my feet hurt so it was more a case of rushing through so I could go and lie down.

once again at lunch at 2 (not in this photo didn’t have my camera) so I am changing the picture to today@10 so I really am on the trail.


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