Cuckoo clocks

my epithany so far is that I know why cuckoo clocks sound like they do!! It’s because that’s what they sound like in the wild, who would have thought.

mostly walking through oak and pine forests today and stopped for lunch at 2 in the small village of St. Juan De Ortega befit a short walk to Agés for the night. Still walking slower than I thought  I would.

also started on my letter to Artie for his 21st hopefully finished before I get to Santiago

Lunch @2 in St.Juan De Ortega

3 thoughts on “Cuckoo clocks

  1. Looks like the weather is pleasant. these guys look pretty chilled out around the table. Walkers? Walking through the pines would smell pretty amazing. Take care Sally xx

    • That’s the group I am currently walking with, 1 Aussie, 1 kiwi, 1 Canadian and a Bulgarian. That’s my pack near the empty chair. Probably keep walking them for a few more days before jump ahead as I’m running behind schedulr

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