Duelling snorers

came across the dreaded snorers lat night and one of them could’ve won an Olympic gold medal given he shook the bunk bed. Earplugs and an extra pillow couldn’t drown it out.

Long walk today (28.6) from Los Arcos to Logroño mostly on good track but my physical limit for now is about the 25km before i start running out of energy and the last few k’s are a real slog for now. Tomorrow will be about 30.1 yay!

Still it’s worth it when you get into town and find a bed for the night then go and sit like a local in the town square and just relax into the atmosphere. It’s a public holiday long weekend so even pilgrim dormitory beds are hard to find but the upside is the locals are in holiday mode. 

Usual picture of 2ish just walking down into Logroño. Will post more into the Dropbox site of the 12th century plaza and church.


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