Today@2 the heavens opened

Up and out by 7 for the climb up to 1,450m from 700m to the top of the pass Col de Lepoeder in the diving rain and wind with snow still on the ground. The triple whammy meant getting into Roncesvalles on the Spanish side about 12:30. It was harder coming down from the top where it’s a very steep grade and my knees started sending me reminders that this was not on and get real or they might withdraw services. Rather than hang around I kept going into Espinal for the night 6.5km further on about 32km for the day. My knees may remind me again tomorrow what they think.

image image

One thought on “Today@2 the heavens opened

  1. Oh no thats all you need having your knees giving you grief, bet you didn’t take any voltaren either. Glad the long johns have come in handy. Take care Lois xo

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