Today@2 CDG waiting for TGV to Bordeaux/Bayonne


Lots of TLA to mean that I’m sitting at the train station at the airport in Paris waiting for the fast train down south to Bayonne. The wait has been 4 hours from getting off the plane plus the next 6 hours travel and never being able to sleep on planes I am fighting not to curl up in a small ball under a seat and go to sleep. I should be in the hotel 9ish tonight and it’s nearly 2pm now. Still I had a couple of pastries and a chicken baguette to help pass the time.

It would be a bugger if I fell asleep and missed the scenery from the train.

My pack weighed in at 6kg excluding water and food I will load up on tomorrow. It did include half a kilo for GoT book which should be passed on to a new owner very soon.

3 thoughts on “Today@2 CDG waiting for TGV to Bordeaux/Bayonne

  1. Hope all is going well & that you arn’t getting too wet. Had a mega freak hailstorm on Sat arvo
    our kitchen was a lake as water came thru the downlights and Kemps has a small waterfall thru their downlights in lounge. Sean Michelle & parents came over to help me clean up. Keep dry and take care Lois xo

  2. Hi Steve,

    I heard about your trip from a mutual work colleague – Warwick B. I’d like to do it next year. Will read your posts with interest and perhaps catch up when you’re back.


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