Today@2 Camino at 1km per hour

Challenges and being lost, reduced down to very slow pace and it took all day to go 5km to the other side of Pamplona. Didn’t help to get lost following a clearly defined path. I could be philosophical and talk about lifting your head now and again to see where your going. But I’m more reminded by the car advert a few years age where the tagline was “bugger!” It was just another bugger moment among many yesterday. Arrived around 2.00pm and stayed in Cizur Menor in an austere albergue  run by the order of Malta once again very quiet and in bed by 7:00pm

image image

Today@2 rain, just rain ( or what didn’t I pack)

mostly walking through forest and not as steep ups and downs as yesterday but it rained most of the day so walked with wet feet all day. What happens when you walk with wet feet?

saw very few Pellegrino today and stayed at the albergue near Trinidad de Arre in a room by myself so very quiet day.

Feeling the pain now as I probably walked a bit too far today, (32) so much for taking it easyimage

Today@2 the heavens opened

Up and out by 7 for the climb up to 1,450m from 700m to the top of the pass Col de Lepoeder in the diving rain and wind with snow still on the ground. The triple whammy meant getting into Roncesvalles on the Spanish side about 12:30. It was harder coming down from the top where it’s a very steep grade and my knees started sending me reminders that this was not on and get real or they might withdraw services. Rather than hang around I kept going into Espinal for the night 6.5km further on about 32km for the day. My knees may remind me again tomorrow what they think.

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Today@2 Two shrugs and a bus trip


not an auspicious start, at Bayonne stations you can only but tickets with a credit card and my card was rejected (that story not finished yet). When I asked the information lady could I pay cash (no) there was a dramatic shrug and the rolling of eyes and somewhere in there I think there might have been questions about my parents marriage and hence my ancestry but I may have been mistaken as I was walking away whilst she was in full flight. Now the bus driver just gave a gentle shrug and told me to get on the bus no need to pay.

By 10ish I was on the trail and decided to break the steep first day into 2 and stayed at Kayola near Orisson refuge. Good choice it’s just a relentless walk about 3.5 hours long, beautiful scenery.

Today@2 CDG waiting for TGV to Bordeaux/Bayonne


Lots of TLA to mean that I’m sitting at the train station at the airport in Paris waiting for the fast train down south to Bayonne. The wait has been 4 hours from getting off the plane plus the next 6 hours travel and never being able to sleep on planes I am fighting not to curl up in a small ball under a seat and go to sleep. I should be in the hotel 9ish tonight and it’s nearly 2pm now. Still I had a couple of pastries and a chicken baguette to help pass the time.

It would be a bugger if I fell asleep and missed the scenery from the train.

My pack weighed in at 6kg excluding water and food I will load up on tomorrow. It did include half a kilo for GoT book which should be passed on to a new owner very soon.